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Moai 89, from Rapa nui exterior slope of Rano Raraku, There were, however, insects and at least one species of lizard. The tuff contains lithic fragments of older lava flows.

Parasitic tuff craters and cones i.

Easter Island

The Easter Islanders, aware that they were almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, must surely have realised that their very existence depended on the limited resources of a small island.

Maori and Hawaiiantwo Eastern Polynesian languages that are separated by some 5, miles of sea, appear to be about as closely related as Dutch and German. Tattoos, as well as other forms of art in Rapa Nui, blends anthropomorphic and zoomorphic imagery [10].

The island was largely deforested, and it did not have any trees more than 3 metres 10 feet tall.

Rapa Nui people

Chickens were the sole domestic animal, though the "chicken coops" carved of stone which still dot the fields of the island were most likely tombs from which the chickens obtained calcium and phosphorus in the form of bone meal. The settlers on Easter Island brought only chickens and rats with them and they soon found that the climate was too severe for semi-tropical plants such as breadfruit and coconut and extremely marginal for the usual mainstays of their diet, taro and yam.

Pollen analysis, DNA analysis and also the studies of local legends point out to various periods between this interval. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The most common symbols represented were of the Make-Make god, Moais, Komari the symbol of female fertilitythe manutara, and other forms of birds, fish, turtles or figures from the Rongo Rongo tablets [11].

About Rapa nui species of trees or woody shrubs existed, and at least one large palm similar to Jubea chilensis. They employed these symbols in chanting or singing during rituals held at Orongo, a ceremonial village on the rim of a volcano called Rano Kau.

He and his crew found a population that they described as being of mixed physical types who worshiped huge standing statues with fires while they prostrated themselves to the rising sun. Similar sacred zones with statuary marae and ahu in East Polynesia demonstrates homology with most of Eastern Polynesia.

Rapa Nui (1994)

In fact, tourism which so far helped the island may be its biggest threat as more and more people flock to this tiny triangular land on a weekly basis. This is Ahu Tahai. Easter Island colonization likely coincided with the arrival of the first settlers in Hawaii.

The climate is subtropical to temperate, with an average annual temperature of 22 C and average rainfall between and mm per year. Some of the ceremonies involved recitation from the only known Polynesian form of writing called rongorongo, which was probably less a true script and more a series of mnemonic devices.

Moreover, each of the other geographically defined groups turns out to be a heterogeneous collection of languages that belong to more than one linguistically defined group. The Europeans, seeing a treeless landscape, could think of no logical explanation either and were equally mystified.

Nuclear Micronesian Most of the languages of Micronesia are Oceanic, and, with the possible exception of Nauruan, which is still poorly described, they form a fairly close-knit subgroup that is often called Nuclear Micronesian.

They are also seen on existing barkcloth figures, but in smaller detail [10]. There even are theories that point out to the possibility of tsunami tidal waves, which could have demolished moai statues, for example it is strongly suggested that the site of Ahu Tongariki was destroyed by such a force coming from the ocean.

Page 1 of 3. Of course, some people might have arrived later and others earlier, but it is generally accepted by the great public that the island was uninhabited before BC, despite the fact that there is scientific evidence that Easter Island was inhabited before Hotu Matu'a's arrival.

Typical Food of Chile Typical dishes and cuisine from Chile. Orongo, Rapa Nui Easter Island Did the people really cut down all those trees. He effectively ruled the island from until his cession to Chile in Winds are nearly constant, with southeast trade winds dominant from October to April.

Austronesian and Australian Languages

The Rano Raraku volcano, located to the Northeast of Hanga Roa, is considered one of the greatest and most valuable archaeological sites of the island. After the introduction of Islam at the end of the 13th century, Malay-speaking sultanates were established not only in the Malay-speaking region of the Malay Peninsula but also in Brunei on the coast of northwestern Borneo.

Ancestral Gods Ancestral gods were the sources of personal protection for the soul and body during life and in afterlife.

In Indonesia speakers of Malay were far outnumbered by speakers of Javanese, but there Malay offered a neutral alternative to the widely perceived threat of ethnic domination by the overwhelming Javanese-speaking majority.

Aberrant languages Yapese is one of several problematic languages that can be shown to be Austronesian but that share little vocabulary with more typical languages. History of Rapa Nui Your location: Welcome!(Main page) / Culture, history / History of Rapa Nui Hotu Matu'a.

Was the first highest rank leader of Easter Island, he is believed to have brought his people on 2 boats more than (perhaps even ) years ago to the island.

Western literature refers to Hotu Matu'a as to "Rapa Nui's first king", although it is known that there were no real. This adventure-filled epic speculates upon the original inhabitants of Easter Island who are best known for their mysterious moai, the huge stone heads that dot the island.

The story begins The moai Your location: Welcome!(Main page) / Easter Island / The moai General. Often called mo'ai, these are gigantic stone monoliths located on Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Contrary to what we most often believe heads are rather busts, many statues have shoulders, chest, even arms and a.

The Rapa Nui are the aboriginal Polynesian inhabitants of Easter Island in the Pacific elonghornsales.com easternmost Polynesian culture, the descendants of the original people of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) make up about 60% of the current Rapa Nui population and have a significant portion of their population residing in mainland elonghornsales.com speak both the traditional Rapa Nui language and the primary.

A comprehensive guide to Rapa Nui or Easter island, the statues, the rock art, the dating and the controversies. Mar 31,  · Watch video · Directed by Kevin Reynolds. With Jason Scott Lee, Esai Morales, Sandrine Holt, Eru Potaka Dewes.

Tenuously based on the legends of Easter Island, Chile, this story details a civil war between the two tribes on the island: the Long Ears and the Short Ears. A warrior from the ruling class falls in love with a girl from the /10(K).

Rapa nui
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