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The proposal was to make it like a semi-permanent camp so that at any time we had an operation in this area we would be able to set up our resupply easily.

The party was landed some metres from the proposed headquarters location and so the small signals element had to man-pack its equipment which was to operate initially as a substation on the task force command net. From luxury resorts and world-class hotels to quaint homestays and beachside villas, Vietnam offers it all.

Simultaneously, they also focus on improving service quality to attract visitors. Their combat capabilities have been considerably weakened, and their morale is being sapped There were 13 different 8 x inch slogans prepared in May to support the Resource control program.

He was very lucky only getting shot in the leg. Instead of sending out patrols from the FSPB at dusk, they all congregated along the perimeter and fired their weapons into the bush. Start with our 26 letter alphabet and Mice in vietnam the letters F, J, W and Z. Checkpoints are necessary to carry out the task of helping the government and patriots win a final victory which would assure the independence of Vietnam.

We had half packed up the day before to ensure a smooth start to the move early the next day. I spent a few days with 12 Fd Regt before being re-attached to Sig Sqn again. Beaches Vietnam is blessed with an extensive coastline stretching from the Gulf of Tonkin down to the East Sea and into the Gulf of Thailand.

We also had details arranged to bring the daily grog ration up from the hold, etc. The voyage took a total of 17 days, during which time we attended lectures about what to expect upon arrival in SVN.

All recruits go through an intensive training program and members of the National Police Field Forces, the primary arm of the force for its attack on the infrastructure, go to a specialized school.

Tourists booking tours are mainly enterprises that want to hold conferences, seminars combining with travel. The ACV callsigns and functions were as follows: I spent a couple of days working on the chopper pad, communicating with the pilots and guiding them in.

They have come across a lot of VC and a lot of food and ammunition and documents, but they have only killed one VC so far. Report all suspicious activities to the nearest National Police or official. Keith and I are working long hours with the radios.

The last report I heard was that two bodies have been recovered, but as yet have not been identified. After a respite of a couple of weeks back at the squadron and being completely bored cutting grass, filling sandbags, etc; Keith Oliver and I were informed late in the afternoon that we were going out with C Coy 3RAR the next day, 25th October, on Operation Harvest.

One morning someone in the Sig Centre played an episode straight off the radio and broadcast it over the taskforce network. Dramatic scenery, secluded locales and pristine sandy shores make for some of the best beach escapes in Asia.

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The soldiers live here with their families in nothing more than hovels which are dug out of the mound of earth which surrounds the camp. They also have captured many Viet Cong and apprehended draft dodgers.


Blending history and culture with modern luxuries and conveniences, guests can comfortably have one foot in the past and one in the present.

Readers who care to comment are encourages to write to the author at. Here we were, out in the bush and we could order our eggs in a number of ways, scrambled, over easy, fried; ice cream was available for lunch and dinner, a far cry from the C-rations which was normally what we would have when out in the bush with our own troops.

The US camp Long Binh was 55 square miles in area. We had daily physical training, tug-of-war competitions and chores to carry out, such as serving in the Petty Officers' Mess, working in the laundry, scrubbing down bulkheads and walls inside the ship and generally cleaning up.

The irony of it is that every person who comes to Vietnam aims to have as many helicopter rides as possible and therefore takes every opportunity to get up in one. Maybe the trip is just too far for Americans or possibly Hanoi is a preferred destination.

Although Vietnam does not lack hotels which are suitable for the MICE market, the airports, roads, railways and logistics need to improve to serve MICE travelers better and to be able to compete with Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I was on duty in the CP which at this stage was a tent in the middle of the compound which was sandbagged up to around five feet, so that I was shielded from the explosion.

Our CP took some time to set up and establish all radio communications. The “White Mice” of Vietnam. SGM Herbert A. Friedman (Ret.) Note: Images from this article were requested by the maker of a documentary on “Soul Alley/P Alley.”. TRAVEL VIETNAM - Local Travel Agent offers special Travel Packages to Vietnam.

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Republic of Vietnam National Police

UNITED STATES ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND. United States Army Special Operations Command Official Web site. 3rd. Ho Chi Minh, the enemy of the United States in the Vietnam War, was initially a friend.

He worked with U.S. special forces in rescuing downed American airmen and providing intelligence on Japanese movements during the last year of World War II.

The Republic of Vietnam National Police was officially created by President Ngô Đình Diệm's national decree in June from a conglomerate of smaller internal security and paramilitary agencies raised by the French Union authorities during the First Indochina War between The "White Mice" of Vietnam; RVN National Police at.

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Mice in vietnam
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