Debate in against of continuous comprehensive evaluation

But rather than travelling down this road and arguing for the adoption of the new approaches, we revisit the concepts of NDP and CCE.

Continuous assessment in not followed systematically in those schools where teachers are trained in in-service programmes. Is it necessary to invent a machine or mechanism to to kill an ant. While schools which did not perform well initially received enhanced funding from the federal government; over time, teachers and principals of these schools would also receive other sanctions such as replacement of staff and closure of school5.

There is an active national debate around the move to scrap the NDP. Learners are tested at regular intervals right from the beginning of the academic year, to identify the learning challenges being faced by them.

Formative assessments are designed to provide ongoing continuous feedback on student learning to the course instructors. Careful planning of the competency based teaching procedures.

Therefore it is desirable to examine the view points presented in he framework with respect to evaluation. This is required because different specific areas of pupil growth need different types of evaluation through certain techniques.

Participatory and humane evaluation.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Concept of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Evaluation is a process of determining the extent to which the objectives are achieved. However, only a small numbers of schools provide this choice to their students.

Until schools really use FA appropriately, it will put more pressure on students. Another Class X student Kapil said, "This is the modern system of education where we will be not judged by the numerical scores, but with our grades.

The evaluation of skills and higher mental abilities are neglected to a great extent. In addition to the summative assessment, the board will offer an optional online aptitude test that may also be used as a tool along with the grades obtained in the CCE to help students to decide the choice of subjects in further studies.

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All other two domains are simply neglected. Evaluation practices carried out in schools are still conventional in their nature and purposes. Evaluation of the key qualities like regularity and punctuality, cleanliness, self-control, sense of duty, desire to serve, responsibility, fraternity, democratic attitude and sense of obligation to environmental protection.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Internationally, there is a recent trend to adopt standardised assessments in schools. The first summative or Summative Assessment 1 SA-1 will be conducted after the first two formatives are completed.

The summative assessment is a three-hour long written test conducted twice a year. In some schools, an additional written test is conducted instead of multiple oral tests.

Using grades instead of marks As feedback mechanism for the benefit of teachers, learners and parents providing timely corrective measures for improving attainment level of students.

Furthermore, the in-service programmes planned for the teachers have inadequate inputs in evaluation and do not create avenues for practical exercises during the training sessions.

Continous Comprehensive Evaluation - A reform in Indian Education

In this new pattern, numerical markings were abolished instead grading system introduced. A competency also becomes a criterion to organize teaching-learning process, and at the same time to assess the students. Why CCE is necessitate to acquire In the past system, the students undergo severe stress and strain in the wake of competition.

Maintain comprehensive student portfolios based on observational and situational tests. Requirement of knowledge and skills of evaluation, commitment, and assistance to provide remedial teaching on part of the teacher.

School Based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in CBSE

Despite these criticisms, the outcomes of this system were projected to be better that the rote learning of the previous system, which placed an undue emphasis on memory and facts instead of understanding and creating a learning environment.

However, only a small numbers of schools provide this choice to their students. The most basic point is that CCE can prove to be dangerous because students will take studies casually.

debate on CCE pattern either in for or against maximum one page. or Call me PURCHASE. CBSE Class 9. debate on CCE pattern either in for or against maximum one page.

CCE is also known as continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation - A reform in Indian System of Education really hope to bring a drastic changes in the all round development of a child.

It reduced the burden of students to some extent and provides a homely atmosphere for learning. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation CCE refers to a system of school based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of student personality.

debate on CCE pattern either in for or against maximum one page Hindi. CCE is also known as continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

debate on cce pattern in for. 0 ; n,n-8 CCE is also known as continuous and comprehensive evaluation/5(16). The Certificate of School Based Assessment on Continuous Comprehensive Assessment will be available from the CBSE and the end of Class X.

This will be filled up in the school and sent to the concerned RO in CBSE for countersignature. Jan 20,  · What are the advantages and disadvantages of CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation)? I have a debate on the topic So I am in constant hope of help from you Resolved.

Debate in against of continuous comprehensive evaluation
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Assessments in school education: The current debate