Csr activities of partex group

RC beverage spends huge amount of money in advertising. In this study we collected information from the Marketing official of RC Beverage. Packaging and labeling also plays a vital role in product designing. Guiding Principles Candidates are selected on the basis of required job competencies, experience and future potentials.

Consumers can be satisfied or dissatisfied after drinking RC beverage. RC Beverage has the cash discount method, quantity discount method and seasonal discount. Rural areas In this way RC Beverage is differentiating its market according to the density, which indicates geographic segmentation where as giant groups are not available in semi urban and rural areas.

They should increase their promotional activities because RC Beverage has less promotional activities than competitors like Mojo and Virgin. It also includes the recruitment, selection and socialization of employees.

In the electronic media, RC Beverage chooses the pick hour. Distribution is more important to sell any product. For upper class, upper middle, and middle class to make their product affordable for all. Previously we have told that RC Beverage follows the cost based pricing strategy for selling its products.

They surpassed big competitors like Pepsi, Virgin and Uro. Human Resource Department Functions Human resource management HRM is a process consisting of the acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance of human resources.

Employees Assistance — Providing personal problem solving, counseling to individual or employees. For this they use tag which is imported from Switzerland. A foreigner may be appointed for a limited period as technical expert provided the concerned department of the Govt of Bangladesh approve the appointment.

A candidate shall not be less than 18 years and ordinarily not more than 45 years of age at the time of appointment to the service of the company. We conduct health-awareness camps for the garden population every year where we invite medical experts to share their knowledge and provide required medical assistance.

Pricing approaches for RC Beverage: Analyze jobs providing information about job currently being done, a critical input for job description, job specification and job evaluation. Most of the consumer does not know that it is an international brand. Should create more brand image: This may be either getting a new boss or by automating many of the manual operation.

In this stage consumers actually buy the product. The school remains a non-fee school and this year there were students at the school and 55 educators.

Selection and staffing — Matching people and their career needs and capabilities with jobs and career paths. Consumers should have the accurate information when the purchase a product. Promote two-way communications between employees and the management as a means of building mutual understanding and trust.

Because of this any firm must have to follow at least one pricing method for their product. It primarily concerns with knowledge acquisition and the enhancement of an executives conceptual abilities.

It is the continued effort to match long-term individual and organizational needs. Human resource planning — Determining the organization, major Human Resource needs, strategies and philosophies.

Government action also has a great impact on the soft drinks company. The industries under this conglomerate include foods and beverages, steel, real estate, furniture, agribusiness, plastics, etc.

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Its turnover amounted to approximately US$5 billion. Partex Group is the largest family-run conglomerate in Bangladesh, consisting of over 60 companies. Corporate Social Responsibility at Proctor and Gamble (P&G) Posted on October 20, by John Dudovskiy Johnson, Scholes and Whittington () state that Corporate Social Responsibility is concerned with the ways in which an organisation exceeds the minimum obligations to stakeholders specified through regulation and corporate governance.

Ambassadors Report by Ronja Lundquist, March 8th, travel diary. We left the hotel in a bus, together with a rather large group of people, for a half hour drive up to Nkanyiso High School.

Partex Aviation Ltd About Golden Harvest is one of Bangladesh’s leading business group with diversified interests in Food, Dairy, Commodity, Information Technology, Logistics, Real Estate, Aviation, Infrastructure Development and Insurance.

Welcome to Nahian Group. He plays important role in guiding the marketing and promotional activities and spearheads the CSR activities of Nahian Enterprises Limited.

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Md. Partex Group. The Civil Engineers Limited. Jamil Iqbal Group. Rico Group. BM Traders. Comprehensive Holdings Limited. Ambassadors Report by Ronja Lundquist, March 8th. We left the hotel in a bus, together with a rather large group of people, for a half hour drive up to Nkanyiso High School.

Csr activities of partex group
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